Building Project

“Building Hope for the Future” with the construction of a new domestic violence and sexual assault center is an important goal of the Green Hills Women’s Shelter. With Room, Savings, and Safety being three key elements planned in the construction layout for the new Green Hills Women’s Shelter.

Room availability will increase with four family units and five individual units in the new construction. Family unity is a priority for the future shelter with the availablity of two kitchens for meal preparation and storage, as well as bathrooms with furniture for each unit. In addition to the housing units, office space for staff, counselors, and group meeting will be located in the basement area.

Savings due to energy efficiency will be achieved with zone control heating and cooling instead of space heating and cooling; thus only the areas being used will be heated and cooled. Also better insulated walls and window will create a more comfortable living area for the residents and workers with reduced utility costs. Savings in areas other than just utility costs would include travel for client counseling. This cost would be reduced with the addition of a private counseling office for the residential and non-residential clients. At this time the shelter must transport clients to another area for counseling due to the lack of a private area for services costing the shelter both travel expenses and loss in director time.

Safety for both the victims of violence and the workers will be felt in the new facility over the present facility. Alarms, double entry doors, a fire control system, and  added exits will all make life safer for both residents and worker; furthermore, being located close to the law enforcement building will also add a layer of protection as officers’ patrol around the home throughout the day.

Room, Savings, and Safety are three key elements the new Green Hills Women’s Shelter will realize upon the completion of a new shelter with a donation from you. Please send your donation of love and concern for families suffering in the cycle of violence caused by domestic violence and sexual assault by using the donation button on this web site or mail your contribution to:

Green Hills Women’s Shelter

P.O. Box 235

Trenton, Missouri 64683

c/o:  Building Project