Letters to Ladies & Lads







Each month we have an awareness campaign to bring knowledge and education to survivors and their family members.   These letters can be found posted in restrooms, tanning booths, stores, convenience stores, courthouses, bars, and various establishments across our 10 county area.

If you would like to be added to our monthly distribution list please contact jjohnson@ghwshelter.org.     You may also click the links below to print or read our past posted letters.

2019 Letters to Ladies & Lads

Stalking. January 2019 

Love Addiction. February 2019

Apologies, Do They Mean It. March 2019

What is sexual violence, what is rape, April 2019

Domestic Violence and Weather, May 2019

Domestic Violence and PTSD, June 2019

Emotional Abuse July 2019

Trauma Bonding August 2019 

Excuses excuses September 2019

Warning Signs of Abuse October 2019

Cyber Abuse & Domestic Violence November 2019 


2018 Letters to Ladies & Lads

Stalking. January 2018

Teen Dating Violence. February 2018 

Bargaining March 2018

Pressure for Sex. April 2018

Red Flags – May 2018

Does Abuse Justify Abuse June 2018

Expecting 10th Time to be Different, July 2018

You Are Smart, August 2018 

Praise As Weapon, September 2018

Signs of DV to Watch For, October 2018 

Holidays are NOT fun for Survivors, November 2018 

Surviving the Holidays, December 2018

2017 Letters to Ladies & Lads

Human Trafficking-January 2017

Couples or Marriage Counseling-February 2017

Why Do I Keep Going Back?-March 2017

Sexual Violence Awareness-April 2017

Spiritual Abuse-May 2017

How to Help A Loved One Living With Domestic Violence-June 2017  

Financial Abuse-July 2017 

When Does Control Become Abuse-August 2017 

Grief Needs Space-September 2017

Passive Aggression-October 2017

Safety Planning for the Holidays-November 2017 

Behaviors of Children Witnessing Domestic Violence-December 2017

2016 Letters to Ladies & Lads

Stalking Awareness-January 2016

Teen Dating Awareness-February 2016

Reacting to Trauma-March 2016

Start By Believing-April 2016

Cycle of Abuse-May 2016

Effects of DV and Pregnancy-June 2016

Verbal abuse-August 2016

Natural Support Systems-September 2016

Domestic Violence Stats-October 2016

But I Still Love Them-November 2016

Do They Mean It When They Apologize-December 2016